Aleksander co-runs Norways biggest tattoo studio

Aleksander co-runs Norways biggest tattoo studio

Aleksander co-runs Attitude Tattoo Studio, Norways biggest and most renowned tattoo studio. The studio even has their own series you can watch for free at Discovery+.

We got in touch with Aleks and it resulted in custom silver rings for the whole tattoo crew. We also had a quick chat with him to learn more about him and the studio.

Attitude Tattoo Studio custom silver ring Manu Tattoo tiger design Seal

An interesting story Aleks told me is his encounter with Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp when he was visiting Norway. He wanted them to do his tattoo. You can watch the video on their Instagram profile (@attitudetattoostudio).

Aleksander Aas and Johnny Depp

Who is Aleksander Stubberud?

I work as manager/content creator at Attitude Tattoo studio.

What’s it like working at Attitude?

Working at Attitude is very fun. There are many different tasks and a very varied workday. When you work here you get the opportunity to meet extremely many cool people and take part in many cool events and collaborations with other brands.

What kind of work are you responsible for?

Simply explained, I do everything from answering the phone, booking clients to accounting, social media, content production and talking a lot with other brands about collaboration.

What does your average client look like?

Tattoos have become so uncontroversial that now tattoos is for everyone. We have customers from 18 to 70 years old who come in to get their first tattoo.

What’s your favourite tattoo style?

My favourite style has to be old school. It's a timeless style.

Can you tell us what some of your tattoos mean to you and the reason you got them?

I am a very spontaneous person who has never really thought about what I have tattooed. If I think it's cool, I'll tattoo it.

Have you done some of your own tattoos?

I have quite a few tattoos that I have done on myself, these are not the best but they have a charm to them I think.


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