Emil Heyerdahl x Seal

Emil Heyerdahl x Seal

Emil Heyerdahl (21) is becoming a household name these days.

With an already distinguished career as a professional racing driver and the notable achievement of being an Aston Martin Academy Driver, Heyerdahl further solidified his reputation by winning the esteemed 24H Series Champion in 2021.

Together with Emil we designed a brand new silver ring inspired by his dream of winning the holy grail of racing – the 24 hour race "Le Mans".

 emil heyerdahl signet ring seal silver

It's available to own now. Check it out.

I also needed to get to know Emil better, so we did an interview.

Who is Emil Heyerdahl?
I was almost born into the Motorsport community with a big dream and a clear vision to succeed, this is because my father, Erik, was active in motorsport during my first years and learnt me the basics of driving a car.

What made you decide to create with Seal?
To do a collaboration with someone who is working everyday to find the perfection and are working on the finest details as Seal Jewelry is, is very important for me as a professional athlete who are working to get a bit better every single day.

What does this design mean to you?
The design of our newest ring has a clear vision for me and the people around. My childhood dream and my clear goal in top level motorsport is to be a winner of the biggest car racing race “24H LeMans”. The ring is filled with action of a race car though a corner which makes the ring important for me, but at the same time the best looking jewellery I have seen for a long time!

What’s the value of jewelry to you?
The value of my new jewelry piece is huge for me both personally and to complete my daily clothing style. To wear a ring with such a big meaning in my daily life is a real privilege. I’m in love with it!

Why do you wear jewelry?
I have used jewelry as a part of my style for years, I will say this ring and jewelry has became a part of my personality.

How often do you wear jewelry?
Every single day, as long I’m not in the gym or are using a racing glove.

Gold or silver?
I would normally say gold as I’m always trying to win everything I’m a part of, but within styles of jewelry I will say silver as it fits to everything.

Who inspires you the most at this moment?
I don’t have any particular hero, but I’m happy and privileged to be part of the Norwegian sport industry were we have so many inspiring and record breaking athletes.

Photo by Magnus Gulliksen

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