How Sister Summit's iconic rings were made

How Sister Summit's iconic rings were made

I reached out to the successful Norwegian freestyle skier Hedvig Wessel in the hopes of making something together. She replied and was happy to talk more about what we could do.

Hedvig Wessel Sister Summit

She told me about the new project she was co-founding – Sister Summit. A group that brings together top female athlete skiers & snowboarders to inspire, push the sport and the feminine frequency in the outdoor. Powered 100% by women, for women.

After I saw her vision it was an easy decision for me to sponsor them and bring their iconic sisterhood rings to life. We started to draw up the ring from scratch. Detailing the size and shape of the ring, with (of course) the iconic Sister Summit logo on top.

The idea was clear but to get the ring just right we had to make adjustments. Here's the final 3D rendering of the ring:

Sister Summit Group Ring Hedvig Wessel Silver Signet Ring

And here we are, the finished ring on display alongside Wessel's ring from the 2014 Olympic Games. Thank you so much for the opportunity Hedvig. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Sister Summit!

Hedvig Wessel Sister Summit Seal Silver Signet Ring

Check out Sister Summit: