Trax, the no-bullshit jeweller

Trax, the no-bullshit jeweller

TraxNYC is a well-known jewelry store located in the heart of the Diamond District. Maksud 'Trax' Agadjani, the guy behind the business, is a master jeweler and a funny guy who throws gold into bushes for people to find.

I draw inspiration from his honest approach to business and I love watching his content (which is everywhere nowaways). Moreover, Trax's journey as an entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. Starting from humble beginnings, he transformed his passion for jewelry into a thriving business. Trax's success story demonstrates that with determination and honesty, one can overcome challenges and achieve great things.

His journey in the jewelry industry began when he was just 18 years old. With a birthday gift of $1,500, Agadjani started what would eventually become TraxNYC. He invested in a digital camera and formed connections with local jewelry businessmen.

At the jewelry store, Agadjani took photos of various jewelry pieces and posted them on the popular online marketplace, eBay. When he received an online order, he would return to the store, purchase the photographed piece, and ship it to the buyer. Through this process, Agadjani's entrepreneurial efforts flourished, leading to the growth of his successful business.

Initially, Agadjani set up an office, and over time, he expanded it into a fully-fledged store. Alongside the growth of his business, he cultivated a strong presence on social media. He regularly shared videos that provided glimpses into the day-to-day operations of his business and covered industry news. TraxNYC garnered a substantial following, including 780,000 Instagram followers, 47,500 YouTube subscribers, and over 1 million Facebook likes.

Agadjani's expertise in the field extends beyond online platforms. He has created custom jewelry pieces for well-known personalities like Cardi B, Ski Mask the Slump God, Young MA, and Safaree. Through his significant impact on social media, Agadjani found himself delving into acting unexpectedly.

He made his mark in the popular film "Uncut Gems" alongside notable actors Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, and Kevin Garnett. In the movie, Agadjani played the role of Yussi, Howard Ratner's frustrated assistant, portrayed by Adam Sandler.

Keep making content Trax!