Lea Alstad x Seal

Lea Alstad x Seal

Lea Alstad is a young artist who chose to pursue her passion despite skeptical looks from her family and rejections from art schools. She was born and raised in Trondheim but has been working and residing in Oslo for the past few years, where she pursues art full-time.

I love the way she combines colors, and her ability to capture a feeling inside her portraits is downright impressive. I reached out to her, we started throwing ideas, and here's the finished piece.

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As usual, I'm interested in getting to know the artists I work with and their story – so I asked Lea a few questions.

What does this design mean to you?
For some inexplicable reason, I'm very drawn to pomegranates: they are sweet but also bitter. Maybe it's a bit strange, but I think I see a little bit of myself in it. Haha. When I paint, "not today" always comes out of my hands onto the canvas. It's open to interpretation, but that quote has stuck with me for a long time.

What made you decide to collaborate with Seal?
I love trying new things, and whenever I have the chance to embellish something, I seize it without hesitation.

What is the value of jewelry to you?
It's a way for me to express my identity. I almost use jewelry as a shield.

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry?
As a child, I loved making jewelry out of one-kroner coins, does that count? If so, that would be the first one.

Do you know how many pieces you own?
In genuine gold or silver, I have two pieces. I wear them every day.

How often do you wear jewelry?
Every single day. I could never go without it.

Gold or silver?

Who inspires you the most at this moment?
My older sister! She helps me stand up for myself and reminds me of my own strength. I tend to avoid conflicts and underestimate myself and my abilities. Having someone close in my family who is 100% boss-like and whom I can look up to and learn from has been absolutely crucial.

Lea Alstad art - photo by Thea Leonora

Photo taken by Thea Leonora

Explore Lea Alstad's art: https://www.alstadart.com/en/