Mikkel Bang x Seal

Mikkel Bang x Seal

Mikkel Bang is a renowned and talented Norwegian snowboarder. His smooth moves and ability to combine tricks with backcountry riding have made him a respected figure in the snowboarding world. He inspires others with his passion for the sport and dedication to pushing its limits.

We teamed up with him and designed a new silver ring together. Here it is!

Mikkel Bang spiderweb silver ring

It's available to order now. Own the ring.

I wanted to get to know Mikkel better, so we did a short interview.

Who is Mikkel Bang?
I'm a guy from Oslo who loves the mountains & has a passion for snowboarding!

What made you decide to create with me?
Always wanted to create a ring, especially when with good people!

What does this design mean to you?
This design was inspired by my love for tattoos.

What is the value of jewelry to you?
That it can mean something special to the owner.

Why do you wear jewellery?
Looks good :-)

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry?
Bought my first Gold/Silver snowflake chain when I was 16 haha.

Do you know how many pieces you own?
I have about 8 that I really care for.

How often do you wear jewelry?
It varies, but when I wear my ring it usually stays on for a long time.

Gold or silver?
More of a silver guy.

Who inspires you the most at this moment?
Travis Rice, Snowboarder. Because of his passion and ability to continue his love for snowboarding at his age and still be one of the best.

Photo by Magnus Gulliksen

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