The 5 most popular types of chain

The 5 most popular types of chain

There are many different types of necklace chains in the world. To know them all is not too important. But there's so much misinformation about chains that it's very difficult to really understand what each one is called.

That's why we're gonna show you the 5 most popular and common types (with their correct names), so you know what to shop for.

1. Cable Chain

Cable Chain

Possibly the most widely used chain in the world, at least one of the most common types you'll see. It's incredibly simple and minimal. I'll probably last you a very long time as well because the link interlocking is loose and durable.

2. Curb Chain

Curb Chain

A simple and classic chain design with flat, interlocking and uniform links. But often prefer curb chains with heavier and larger links. Whereas women usually sport this chain with smaller, more subtle links.

My personal favorite chain when it comes to simple chains without a pendant - maybe set with some bright stones? It's modern, and can compliment your style well on many different occasions.

3. Box Chain

Box Chain

Looking like a series of small boxes put together, hence the name. A classic and timeless chain fitting both men and women.

4. Anchor/Marina Chain

Anchor/Marina Chain

Apparently one of the most durable chain types out there. This is because the structure is thicker and . Inspired by the sea and boat life. A beautiful style for the water lovers.

5. Ball/Bead Chain

Ball/Bead Chain

This style is among the most common chains you'll see. It's pretty and feminine. I put this last on the list because of its low durability. It makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it's very delicate and can snap easily. We design jewelry to live in, so we won't be making this type of necklace.