Who is WOTTO?

Who is WOTTO?

Craig "WOTTO" Watkins made an incredible doodle design ring and it's available for purchase from today exclusively here at sealjewelry.com.

Read our full length interview with WOTTO down below.


Who is WOTTO?
I am an artist originally from the United Kingdom but now residing in sunny California, USA. I have been drawing for money since around 2000, just after I graduated. I've worked on web design, publishing and fell into clothing/fashion design around 2008. I doodled all along the way and that style has become my signature. My influences come from graffiti and street art, toys of the 90's and skateboarding graphics.

What made you decide to create with us?
Jewelry is an interesting product because it forces you to design in a very special way. You only get a small amount of space to work with. It's also such a personal product for people. For people to pick a piece of jewelry to wear with your art on it is pretty special. I also like what Seal brings to the industry, it feels fresh and relevant to today's market.

What does this design mean to you?
It means someone might buy and carry my art around on their finger for everyone to see. It's pretty flattering to think of it that way. I've seen people wearing T-shirts I've designed before and it's cool. I always react to seeing art on people. Like they chose to wear and represent that particular art, whether that's my art or someone else's. It's a cool commitment from the wearer.

What is the value of jewelry to you?
I don't wear much jewelry. I wear a wedding ring and occasionally my watch. I like that choice; I can wear the things that really matter to me. My son gifted me an awesome lion ring he picked out once but it was pretty cheap metal and it gave me a rash, lol. I like jewelry with a story or meaning. If I could I'd wear that lion ring every day, not because it's a lion but because it was a gift.

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry?
I've had lots of jewelry in my life but I don't recall the first. I remember a particularly bad necklace I wore when I was a teenager. Cringe. I had a Tasmanian Devil watch as a kid and I thought that was pretty cool. It wasn't. I recently found it and gifted it to my son.

Do you know how many pieces you own?
I own a wedding band, a Paul Smith watch, another couple of watches and that's about it. All the other jewelry I have owned has been gifted to other people.

How often do you wear jewelry?
My wedding ring, daily.

Gold or silver?
Platinum, white gold, silver.

Who inspires you the most at this moment?
Inspiration comes in many forms. In these Instagram times of visual overload, it's hard not to get inspired constantly. One artist I am really into lately is David Shillinglaw, his use of color blows my mind.

David Shillinglaw

Image of David Shillinglaw from Creative Boom

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